Deanne now

Each year Deanne participates in 3 local competitions which are exciting and wonderful performance opportunities for all of our participants. Our Subbies through to Senior age groups also travel to Ballarat for their final competition of the year, these are always a highlight for everyone involved. We then close out the year with our annual concert and presentation in November.

All items are choreographed by our talented coaches and every team performs a variety of routines covering core items: aesthetics, club, rods, free exercise and march. Fancy items are performed on a rotational basis and include folk/character dance, song and dance/action, revue, calisthenics spectacular and Dance arrangement. Deanne respects and highly values our coaches whose dedication and commitment enables the club to compete at a high level.

On stage, participants wear stunning costumes selected for each of the routines. Hair and makeup is completed for your girls by the team management. Leg tan is also applied for each competition apart from the Tinies team. Calisthenics is a competitive team sport that requires all participants to compete in all competitions. It is important that you understand this level of commitment is required.


Deanne history

Deanne Calisthenics Club was founded in 1975 by Mrs Pam Slavin, Mrs Chris Schmid (then Keane) and Mrs Val Sutton. Deanne, the Club name, is derived from that of Mrs Slavin's daughter Dianne. Originally the club colours were brown, orange and white.

Mrs Slavin made all the costumes, Dianne was the inaugural Head Coach, coaching Babies, Subbies and Juniors, with Mrs Erica Batt (then Lockwood) coaching Inters and Seniors. At that time Mrs Didier was the original pianist accompanying the dance routines and Mrs Keane was the Foundation President.

Deanne Calisthenics Club incorporated is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers.

Deanne has a very successful and proud history and we’re looking forward to many more great years to come.


The Deanne committee manages and supports the interest of the Deanne Club. The committee meets every six weeks and needs volunteers to fill the various positions that become vacant each year. The election of committee members occurs each year in February at the Annual General Meeting.

There are a number of positions that require filling from the President to General committee members. The Club’s future depends on new parents getting involved and you will be warmly welcomed. Everyone’s efforts are appreciated. Please contact the President or any current Committee member if you want more information on the roles.

Please download and complete a nomination form for election at our next AGM.

Working with Vulnerable People (WWVP) card, which is free for volunteers, is required to fill a Committee position or assist within a calisthenics team for everyone over 16 years old. Deanne holds a register of all volunteers & the WWVP card needs to be produced on request.

Executive Team

Vice President
Head Coach
Wardrobe Manager


As a non-profit organisation, Deanne Calisthenics understandably relies heavily on volunteers. Family members are required to help at competitions and fundraising events during the year as allocated to your child's team. In addition each family is required to assist with costuming in some way, for example, sewing, sequining, props construction.

We are always looking for helpers throughout the Calisthenics year and invite you to register for your "Working with Vulnerable People Card" with our Committee (we need to see the card please).

It is free for our volunteers who apply, you can apply online through Access Canberra.


Our fees don’t cover all expenses and we have a number of fundraising events and activities throughout the year where we all pitch in to help raise additional funds for the club and teams.

We ask you to help by:

  • Joining us at our annual Trivia Night or assisting with our major raffle.
  • Performing a duty or 2 at our own Deanne Physicals Team Competition and at ACT competition.
  • Helping to create and maintain our costumes and stage props, and
  • Assisting with other activities such as fundraising BBQs. This may include team organised BBQ or BBQs for the club.

Code of Conduct

As with any sport there is a code of conduct expected of parents, family members, coaches and participants. The Australian Calisthenic Federation (ACF) has endorsed the Member Protection Policy that provides a code of conduct forming the basis of appropriate and ethical behaviour which all members must abide by. These principles have been adopted and endorsed by Calisthenics ACT with details covering social media and general behaviour available on the Cali ACT website.